What is Check up?


Check up is a general and comprehensive health screening.


Although patient may not have any significant complaints about health condition, check-up is of great importance because it represents the medical examination and routine test with the goal of discovering secret signs of disease in its early phase. Aim of the check-up is to take necessary precautions before the disease appear. Early diagnosis and treatment is the most important step in prevention of diseases´ progression.


Why is Check up necessary?


Sometimes a simple symptom, on which we do not pay enough attention (weakness, headache or similar), can be an important precursor of a disease. The aim of modern medicine is to keep a person in health condition by taking necessary precautions before the disease appears. After disease occurs, the treatment can be very expensive and impaired health is hard to get back into previous condition. Because of this, every human has to go through periodically health controls even if one does not have any specific complaint.


By detecting certain symptoms in internal organs and by recommendations from doctors, some of the patient´s life habits (cigar, alcohol consumption, irregular and unhealthy nutrition) can be changed. In this way, some potential diseases in the future or progression of illness in its starting stage may be prevented by early treatment.


Diseases like secret sugar, cholesterol, coronary heart diseases, liver diseases related to alcohol consumption and Hepatitis-B, often seen types of cancer like breast – uterus- colon, anemia and osteoporosis can be included among the diseases that should be looked for or prevented in check-up.


What do you have to look for when coming to do the Check-up?


Alcohol and similar substances are not supposed to be consumed in the last 24 hours before appointment with the doctor.

If you are pregnant or you doubt in it, certainly notify the doctor before the procedure starts.

Bring with you the tests and analysis that you have done in the past.

You should certainly come hungry at the appointment with the doctor. You are not to eat anything for at least 8-10 hours (you can only drink water).