Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 1.   Why is Health Tourism so popular today?      

Since the Roman period, people are traveling in order to take certain medical treatment.  It is evident that in recent years health tourism regained its popularity and presence.

    Why are people going so many kilometers away from home just to get a medical treatment? There are many reasons for this. First of them is maybe the fact that for some people it is a better deal. When doing careful planning, patients can benefit in many ways from medical tourism. Every day there is a rise of people who travel abroad to get a treatment. Another, and maybe the most important reasons, is the cost factor. Country´s bureaucracy, insurance cost in case of professional mistakes during and after the treatment, are some of the reasons that make difficulties when planning and going though medical treatment. Even those with health insurance are often in a condition to meet unexpected costs. In some cases even though it cover the expenses, insurance firm is also supporting treatment abroad. 

     The other reasons for the boost of health tourism are capacity and long queues caused by the slow health systems. Many patients are forced to wait for months for the necessary operation, but today this is changing.  There is no need to give up from quality life because patient is not at the top of the health system´s lists. Traveling abroad can provide faster and more suitable opportunities for appropriate medical treatment.

     Patients with special or rare diseases for which solution cannot be found in their home countries, are obliged to travel abroad. In this kind of situation, beside treatment, affordable cost is playing an important role.

 Another reason why health tourism became so popular is its tourism side. Many people find it beneficial to get away from home and work stress, and to work on shortening the period needed for the rehabilitation from the disease. Turkey shows the great consistency in providing all of this.

2.    Why is there such a huge difference in prices?     

    In comparison to United States or Europe, Turkey´s economy is much more advantageous. The other reason is that correction of intentional or non intentional mistakes made is different and much cheaper than in above mentioned countries. Monthly salaries and expenses are different and medical treatment at the highest level is provided at affordable prices.

3.       What is the price difference in percentage between the one in North America and Europe?   

Packages including medical intervention, staying period in hospital, diverse tests, medicine, accommodation and transfers are between 50-90% lower than the intervention prices in North America and Europe. With these prices you can use your time to make holiday in tourist centers and pay less.



 4.  Why should I come to Turkey for medical treatment? 

    Experts in medical field from Turkey are known and recognized worldwide. Innovativeness and scientific discoveries of our doctors are acclaimed and accepted worldwide. Turkey is the choice for patients from different places because the best treatments of Western Medicine are provided there.

5.    Could you provide some information about language spoken in Turkey and its culture?     

Together with people coming from 86 different countries, culture, religion and food of these people also came to Turkey. Official language is Turkish, and most of the population is also speaking English.

  1. 6.                      How many days before the medical treatment starts should I come to Turkey?

This is relative from patient to patient, but the exact time will be suggested in advance. Generally it is recommendable to come one day or one weekend before the treatment. 

7.    How many days after the medical intervention can I leave the country?     

You can stay as long as you wish! After the treatment many of our patients choose to travel around the Turkey. Our officially given prices are only regarding the treatment days, but it is up to you to decide if you wish to add couple of holiday days for the rehabilitation period or not.       

8.    What is medical team like in Turkey?

Our whole medical team graduated from university. From nurses to doctors, they control all registered person and provide the best service. Our patients are treated by head doctors of department and their team of experts.

9.     What are the hospitals like? What is the health condition (sanitation)?   

Our services are perfect. Our company(SAG ÖZEL SAĞ. TUR. LTD. ŞTİ) is monitoring and inspecting our partner hospitals to guarantee the cleanness and service standard according to the one is North America and Europe. Without too much waiting, experienced nurses will make you company during whole day in the hospital. As one of our patients mentioned ´´It was like at home. Actually it was better than home´´.

10. How can I know that quality of care is excellent?  

Affordable price and quality care. We work with the specialized hospitals in Turkey and we are allowed to work with the doctors we choose.  With these methods, the possibilities for combination of the most experienced doctors, hospitals and the best treatment for every special case are growing. We always take feedback from our patients regarding our services and this is one of the methods to improve it. 

11. What is included in the proposed price?

 All the services that we can provide are included in our proposal. Transfers, hotel accommodation, medical consultations, tests, medical treatment, hospital stay, consultations and care after the treatment. In addition, if needed, plane organizations and domestic trip arrangement can be made.

12.    What if there is not information on this web site about the special intervention and care? 

    If you have a special request and you cannot find it on our website, you can contact us and we will try to answer you in shortest period possible. With the help of our network we can provide you with the information about interventions and new treatments. One of our company standards is to give a response to your questions.

 13.       After a medical treatments isn´t it inconvenient to travel far distance?

Your travel is planned according to your medical condition. We will always give you recommendations on the matter and we will keep a close watch on the time you need in the recovery period.