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 While looking for a solution to your health problem, you made the best choice in reaching us. Our professional health team is at your service 7 days in a week 24 hour a day to help you in reaching the most appropriate medical diagnostic, care and treatment by the affordable cost.  In the world of medical science, Turkey is known as one of the leader countries in quality, treatment, care and service with unique advantages and medical opportunities that could be found. Members of the TURKEYREMEDY group have their professional history and they are in collaboration with one of the biggest and well known hospitals in Turkey. TURKEYREMEDY guarantees its patients the best medical team and the best possibilities according to patient´s health condition. 

Because we are aware that there is not one choice or one hospital that can respond to all patient´s needs, we are working with all the leading hospitals and doctors that are constantly working and improving in their specialized areas. Our goal is to offer our patients the best choices and thanks to combination of unrivaled and unique modules for every special situation we are matching the doctor specialized in the topic, experienced and appropriate hospital under the best price. In this way we are offering every patient the best treatment possibilities for his/her disease.  

To start now write us about your illness. Within 48 hours, at the latest, we will get back to you. 

Thank you for choosing us. If you cannot find answer to your questions please contact us through e-mail. We will get back to you in the shortest period.