What do I have to do?

To come to Turkey and receive medical services it is enough to send an e-mail to our company or call us by phone. To save time, besides contacting us through e-mail or phone, you can fill out the Contact Form together with your health information and send it back to us. To summarize; after contacting us it is necessary for you to send us analyses and test results about your disease and condition.  After receiving these information, at least two expert doctors will give their opinions and, according to this, the medical treatment is being planned. Then, after the pricing of detailed report about your medical state and planned treatment, the same is send to you in written form. If you accept treatment plan and price offered, together with your consultant and in your name we will compare your travel details (hotel choice, defining trip date etc.) and make all the necessary reservations. Our report including details about your trip, hotel accommodation, transport and treatment process, treatment agreement and other necessary documents will be sent to you by post. When coming to Turkey, at the airport your consultant and private driver will meet you and they will accompany you until you return to your home country.

After coming to Turkey

  After arriving at the airport your first stop will be the hotel. There you will find the time to rest, prepare your luggage, etc. The next day your personal consultant and driver will come in previously arranged time to pick you up from the hotel and take you to the hospital or center where you will receive your treatment. Thereafter, your personal companion will take you to the health institution where you will be treated, introduce you with the doctor and after making the payment at the hospital or center, you will be given the formal invoice. Every document you receive from TURKEYREMEDY will be in Turkish original and translated into your mother language - extra charge will not be take for the translations.

 All information and details about your treatment and procedures you will be able to hear directly from the doctor and you will have opportunity to ask any kind of questions. After this, your treatment will start as planned before. If possible during the treatment period, extra free time you can use to do sightseeing with professional tour guide and for other activities according to your preferences and requests.

When you finish with the treatment, and after analysis and controls, you will be given formal and translated report including treatment details from doctors, stages, monitoring method, information about the medicines used and treatment result.

Then we will ask form you to visit us once more in the center to fill out our questionnaire as we are interested to hear about your experience with the trip in general. When time to return back comes again, your personal companion and driver will accompany you to the airport and until you get in the plane they will not leave you alone.

After returning to your home country

TURKEYREMEDY will not leave you alone even when you return home after finishing with the treatment. We will contact you periodically to find out about your health condition and to prevent any unwanted situations after the treatments. You can also contact us for anything without hesitation.  Do not forget that treatment service you receive with assistance of TURKEYREMEDY will be lifelong guaranteed.