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Hayal´s father - When she was 3, Hayal was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. Every month she was receiving blood transfusion and since she was 2 she started living by using the iron chelation. As Hayal was growing, it was becoming more difficult to cope with her disease. After our search we found Turkeyremedy Company and met with Dr. Aysu Aslanova. Mrs Aysu invited us to Turkey, and after the examination, it was discovered that Hayal´s elder sister can be a compatible donor for her. After receiving this news we started preparation for transplantation. Since we came to hospital until today Mrs Aysu was taking care of all procedures made, one by one. Bone marrow transplantation was successfully made. Hayal can now continue with her life like any other health child without having to receive blood transfusions. Thanks to the right directions of Turkeyremedy Company our child got her health back. I cannot thank enough to everyone who contributed to this...


Patient Esmer Aliyeva

Esmer´s mother- 4 years ago Esmer was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and the treatment started. During the 2-year treatment Esmer was continuously getting sudden fiver and lymph nodes were beginning to swell. Every time the fear of disease´s return was putting us into more difficult condition. After some research we met with Dr Aysu Aslanova. I explained the situation to Mrs Aysu and she invited us to Turkey to get through a good medical exam. The first day we came to Turkey, representative of Turkeyremedy was waiting for us and took us to the hospital.  At the hospital a broad examination, analysis and bone marrow aspiration was performed on Esmer. Results appeared clean. It was ascertained that often swollen lymph glands and fever were the consequence of infection and treatment started. Esmer was treated by the expert doctors in this field and in the hospital recommended by the Turkeyremedy for exactly two years. When we had problem, Dr. Aysu was always there to help us. Esmer is also very satisfied because while receiving bone marrow he said he didn´t have pain at all. Many thanks to all the employees of Turekyremedy and especially to Dr. Aslanova.


Şefaet Allahverdiyeva

The wife of deputy prime minister of Azerbeycan  - 13 years ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma. After the treatment I have taken I consulted with Dr. Aysu Aslanova to take Check –up. Dr. Aysu and
Turkeyremedy company accompanied us to the hospital. After a detailed Check Up we left the hospital with the sense of great relief. Many thanks to Turkeyremedy and Dr.Aysu Aslanova for their interest and right directions they gave us.