Why Turkey

Why Turkey?

Turkey is one of the first countries in the world that comes to ones mind regarding health tourism. The reasons for this title are numerous: experts in all medical branches, health centers equipped with the latest technology and unique natural and cultural wealth. Because of this, people from different countries prefer Turkey as a place where they can solve their health problem. Being a point that unites Asia and Europe, every year Turkey provides health services for thousands of tourists and at the same time provides unique possibilities for a holiday. The real reason why Turkey is at the top of the list when talking about health tourism, is that it offers exclusive health service in the shortest period and at the best price.

Turkey is the first address for you to solve your health problems.

Turkey is the world´s first address in health tourism with its hospitals and clinics that own highly developed technology, infrastructure and the specialist doctors.

The advantages of choosing Turkey for health tourism:

  • According to branches, there is 60% and 70% difference in prices in favor of medical treatment cost in Turkey when compared to those in Europe and other countries. By the best price and in the most qualitative way you can realize your treatment.
  • With its geographical position, Turkey is a bridge between east and west. Without need for very long trips and in shortest period you can get a necessary medical treatment.
  • There are many direct flights to most of the countries in the world from and to Turkey.
  • Treatments are offered with high standards and quality.


How much is treatment in Turkey profitable for me?  

Turkey can be the first choice for your international trip in order to get a medical treatment because there is a considerable difference in price between treatment prices in your country and in Turkey. 

The major treatments requested in Turkey are as follows: odontotherapy (teeth treatment), plastic and esthetic surgery and laser eye operations. Beside these, medical services in all other branches are offered at the highest level. In recent years, especially requests for tube baby, neurosurgery (brain surgery) and cardiovascular surgery are growing. Diagnosis treatment and surgery interventions with the same techniques and technologies are offered aboard at significantly higher prices than in Turkey. For example: Medical interventions for mouth and teeth are changing from country to country and difference in price  goes between 40% and 70%.

Outstanding success of Turkish doctors is monitored by all the countries in the world. Coming patients and their families will have benefits for their physical and mental health not only from health services, but also from the region´s history and tourism potential. Our spa and thermal centers, dating since Roman times, uses treatment methods that will help you maintain your health and beauty.

All these treatments mentioned above can be used in Turkey without spending too much money and in highly accredited hospitals and clinics. By getting into direct contact with us you can be saved from spending millions of dollars.

Health System in Turkey

Over 1200 Public and Private Hospitals are connected within the Turkey Health Ministry. Most of them pose national and international certifications. Some of them are JCI (Joint Commissions International), the JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and services related to western medical groups. 

Turkey is proud to posses more than 30 hospitals that were given accreditation certificates by International Association Partner Committee. Our accredited hospitals are additionally working with medical support of some of the most quality American Harvard Medical School and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

In Turkey the most doctors and medical workers speak English and they are certified by Turkey Medical Association. Additionally, doctors in Turkey are members of Doctors Associations divided by specialization areas. For example, Turkey Dental Association, Turkey Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Turkey Gynecology Union, Turkey Orthopedic Association and Traumatology and other professional associations.